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Hello Slayers, Thanks For The Feedback, New Site To Be Released, Please Read Below!

THANK YOU for the feedback from the poll posted last week, it was a greater response than expected! I have taken every single response into consideration and implemented it into the new site that has been under construction for quite some time now. I’m sorry there hasn’t been as many posts as you would like each day, this is due to dedicating as much time as possible to bringing you a new, advanced platform for entertainment. It’s quite a change and unique in it’s own way which means there could still be bugs or problems faced so if you encounter anything you have a problem with or want to report please do send in your feedback! Although it’s different, we still have kept the simplicity and integrity that this site has had from the start but just adding more functions and potential for a greater community and entertainment platform. A few things implemented are listed:

– Ability to create your own accounts and publish content yourself
– Follow other accounts to receive their content instantly in your personal newsfeed
– Filters (Main, Top & Vote)

– Vote: All posts published appear in vote. If they satisfy the high tech quality based algorithm they will be promoted to the main page to be viewed by everyone. If posts do not satisfy the algorithm, receieve an onslaught of negative points or are not promoted within 48 hours they will be removed from the Vote section and unable to promote, however, if you are a follower of the author that posted that post it will still appear in your Main feed. Only those with an account can access the Vote and moderate what content is quality and what should be obliterated from the site.

– Main: This section contains content that has been promoted from the Vote section and also the content of users you are following (this means if their posts do not pass Vote you will still see it in your Main section). If you do not have an account you can still view the Main feed, so it is very similar to what you view now if you don’t wish to join the site.

– Top: Posts are shown in order of highest to lowest points so you can see the best of what the site has to offer. More options will be implemented as the site progresses (top in 24 hours, week, month and all time).

There are many other advancements you will see when the site is out, we hope to go live in the next 24-36 hours using the same URL ( It’s been a great ride on this site, this new site couldn’t have been created without every single one of your views on this current site and every bit of involvement (likes, comments & feedback).


TL;DR: Completely new SlayMyBoredom site to be released in a day. You’ll be able to upload, follower other users and moderate what content stays on the site and what makes the Main feed.

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