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The REAL Robert ‘Downey’ Jnr.

This is literally one of the funniest pictures I have ever come across. Nothing I write can explain how funny this picture is, so I’ll let it do all the talking.

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Cat Caught Barking Tries To Cover It Up

This video is so funny. It’s like someone getting caught masturbating then claiming in the act of getting caught that they’ve got a severe itch and was just itching. I find it hilarious to watch people getting caught in the acts of which they don’t want to be caught in. Truly a highlight in life. This however is so much more weird.

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✔ SMB Guarantee: temporary boredom cure. “Dangers of Being A News Reporter”

First time i watched this I ended up on the floor with sore abs, tears and my stomach in immense pain, struggling to gasp for air. I rate this up with the ‘playground fail’ (FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT WATCHED IT… WATCH IT ON SMB RIGHT NOW! GO TO THE PAGE BEHIND THIS ONE STRAIGHT AFTER WATCHING THIS!).

My fav parts:
– Camel running into the reporter, thrusting it’s enormous neck into the scene – (00:30)
– Plane pumping out a sweet head shot like a boss, no regard for human pain – (00:36)
– Old man vs. aggressive dog (so intensely hilarious) – (1:12)
– Epic skateboard fail (socially & physically) – (1:35)
– Reporter vs. snake (that says it all) – (2:20)

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✔ SMB Guarantee: Playground Fail (Special Props to fail 1:08)

This compilation cures your boredom by transporting the tedious and bland pain in the mind of boredom to your stomach and tear ducts. If you have made it this far in reading this, please… please press the play button.

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