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the vicious dog man

This old man was attacked by a dog and tells his story.

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keyboard cat

Apart from it being hilarious because the cat is just smashing out a sweet tune on the keyboards, the facial expressions (eg. 00:18 – onwards) are the best.

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Man caught having sex with donkey claims it was a prostitute. read below!

Sunday Moyo, a 28-year-old, told the court he paid $20 for a prostitute he met at a night club. Somewhere in the time between meeting her and when he was arrested, the prostitute transformed from a woman into a donkey.

“Your worship, I only came to know that I was being intimate with a donkey when I got arrested,” he told the court, according to New Zimbabwe.

Moyo also said at his court appearance that he’s a donkey.

“I think I am also a donkey,” he said, reports AFP, quoting The Herald. “I do not know what happened when I left the bar, but I am seriously in love with (the) donkey.”


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how to get women with your refrigerator

Trust me with this one, WATCH IT! This king knows what he’s talking about, I never knew how many ‘vagina panties’ I could drop with a few alterations inside my fridge. Seems like there is a direct correlation between the type of girl and bait needed to reel that ass in.

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✔ parents telling their children they ate all their halloween candy

This entire video made me laugh from the start, but the kids at the end put up the best argument, as they maturely express their discrepancies. Telling a child you ate all their halloween candy breaks their little, fragile hearts and if the pain of children is your pleasure, this video was made for you!

Props to Churko for this find, you’re a champion!

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Firefighter Exam

This video is just insanely cool to watch. It’s a quick dose of slaying to your boredom, just a rapid stab to it.

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Bizkit the spastic sleep running dog

Love this one.
This mongoloid of an animal has some seemingly intense dreams, and after running for it’s survival in it’s dreams, it nearly ends it’s life in reality.

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The man was both a dwarf and a giant

AGE 21 = 1.18 metres <————- extreme midget

AGE 32 = 2.18 metres

AGE 51 = 2.34 metres <————- insanely tall

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Impossible dress trick

I’ve watched this video over 20 times now and it still causes my brain to implode.
If anyone has any idea how this works, please save my sleep deprivation and contact me at I want to know. Asap.

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Extreme amateurs

The ultimate noobs. VIDEO CAN BE SHORTENED TO JUST 0:00 to 0:10

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Magic iq lowering video!

this video is a sick joke as it makes you dumber by the second, watch this retarded horse run along to its most appropriate theme song.
Humanity has advanced so far that this song is actually a real, released hit.
song can sadly be found here:

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Old Man vs escalator (basic coordination is too mainstream)

This man and his ol’ trusty brief case encounter technology for the first time… and fail. This luddite however has got some style, standing up and keeping balanced is way too mainstream for this champ.

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amateur redneck vs skateboard

The ultimate double fail! I laughed at the fall but then nearly died of not being able to gasp enough air to fuel my laughter for what came after. Seems like inanimate objects have feelings too, and this board makes this redneck a redface.

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✔ smb urges you to watch: fishing show fail

This compilation is made from the fails of a single tv show series called ‘Bill Dance Outdoors’, thank god for it’s creation. A picture paints a thousand words and since a video is 20 frames per second, this video is more than I could ever write. I guarantee you’ll be laughing. Brutally slay your boredom and time with this video and make sure you dont soak the computer with tears.

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hole in water

I assure you this is real, it is found in Monticello Dam at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, CA.

Haunted “crying boy” painting!

“From around 1985 onwards, a series of mysterious house fires were brought to the attention of the general public, following the discovery that in each case, the buildings and all their contents were completely destroyed apart from a painting – the “Crying Boy”, which remained unscathed. In the years that followed, some 40-50 cases were recorded in which a house fire had destroyed everything except for the picture. It became known as the “Curse of the Crying Boy”, and even made headline news at one point. The picture itself was a portrait painted by a Spanish artist of an orphan. It is said that his studio burnt to the ground, and the boy was later killed in a car crash. The picture is one of the first to be mass produced in the UK, there are several thousand of them in circulation, but the curse still appears to apply to all the copies. It is said that the curse will only effect someone if the owner of the painting becomes aware of it. Some psychics have claimed that the painting is Haunted by the spirit of the boy it depicts.” –

Supposably the ‘SUN newspaper’ did a huge story about the painting and asked all its readers to send in their copies of the painting to them and they would destroy them. And guess what… a fire mysteriously started at the warehouse where the paintings were being stored.


World’s biggest wave

This has always been a favourite video of mine for years, and has definitely been watched countless times. I believe this guy in the vid suffers some sort of mental illness as he is that crazy, could someone please send him a get well card cause he is definitely a sick minded person for doing this! I do give him props though, his life on the line for my one minute of enjoyment seems like a reasonable compromise. SMB heavily encourages you to watch this (…and everything else on SMB 😉 )

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World’s biggest snake

..this is crazy. after watching this I admitted myself into a mental asylum in attempt to overcome my now great fear of snakes. Just being near that deathly, vilely sluggish, ferocious creature would taunt my dreams, resulting in heart-attacking nightmares for the rest of my life. It’s actually insane how big this snake is. At least there’d be no way they could put this bad boy on any planes.

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This video is so well put together and more entertaining than anything, something to just kick back for a few mins and watch. Personally, people who say ‘malk’ instead of ‘milk’ do frustrate me and yes, if the severely annoying pronunciation continued to the point where it caused a blood vessel in my eye to burst or where I’d rather light myself on fire and swim in a sea of petrol than listen to it any longer then perhaps I’d react the same as shown in the video.
As always, I love to hear your thoughts, comments, ideas, or if you have any pictures/videos/media – send them to!

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Cat’s Reaction After Watching 2 Cats 1 Litterbox

The best part is noticeably the head jerk at 00:10 when the kitty unleashes it’s highest ‘OMG-Face level’. I’m almost 100% sure that the video was cut off as this cat reached super saiyan 5, with energy levels over 9000 and the camera obviously couldn’t handle the cat’s power thus it stopped filming. There’s got to be a remake with Goku’s voice over it. As always, if you find any funny videos, send them in to We will post it with a link to your blog 🙂

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Watermelon: 1 Woman’s Face: 0

I initially thought this video was too good to be true and thus doubted it’s verisimilitude. After much research I clarified that it was in fact real and therefore began my everlasting, permanent smile on my face. After the video has loaded press ‘3’ for the epic start of this FAIL, or pour yourself a drink, collect a large bowl of popcorn and thrash the ‘4’ button on your keyboard. You find something more fulfilling than a watermelon to the face, EMAIL ASAP – I must know of anything better that exists.

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The best things in life happen when you are happy with exactly how life is and your happiness does not depend on things out fo your control. This champion in this video is a MASSIVE inspiration and will definitely brand a smile on your face. Apart from engaging your feelings and sense of compassion, this video is awesome and highly entertaining, that ends with an extreme satisfaction. WANT SOMETHING THAT IS GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SMILE? WATCH THIS VIDEO! 😀

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Awkward Moment

I think I may have suffered frostbite after watching this the first time, THIS GIRL IS COLD…. yet also complementing in the most paradoxical manner….. but none the less, COLD! Someone needs to give this untamed news reporter a heat pack ASAP!

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